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TY-R1 RF Universal Remote Control Wireless Switch DC 5V 12V 24V 3Channel Receiver For Garage

  Product Feature
1.3 Working modes:You can match the Remote Control
with the Receiver Switch Module in 3 modes: Momentary
Mode,Toggle Mode,Latched Mode. 2.Anti duplication:Undefined Rolling code Encryption
mode.It is different from EV1527/PT2262 etc,it could not
be cloned as normal code,support program more TY-R1
remote control on the receiver(up to 20Pcs). 3.Easy connect.TY-R1 can easily be used in Garage
doors, Garage opener,Automatic gate,Shutter
doors,Remote control curtains,Lighting,DC motors, Motor reversing.and many TY-R1
Technical Data
Working Voltage: DC 5V-30V
Max current : 10A
Quiescent Current: <5mA
Remote control Frequency: 433Mhz
Receiving Sensitivity: -109dBm
Function option: Momentary/Toggle/Latched
Modulation Mode: ASK
Transmitting distance: Open space is more than 50 meters
Matching Mode: Undefined Rolling Code
Amount of storage remote controls : 20 Pieces
Working temperature: -30~+80
PCB dimension: 68.2x48.2(mm)
Output Mode: Direct Current TY-R1
Operating Mode
A.Momentary Mode The default,Press and release the
Setting button 1 time,then the LED indicator will flash 1time. B.Toggle Mode Press the Setting button 2 time,then
the LED indicator will flash 2 times. C.Latched Mode Press the Setting button 3 time,then
the LED indicator will flash 3 times. Remote mode A: Momentary Mode
1. Press and hold one button, relay will turn on;
2. Release the button, this relay will turn off. Remote mode B: Toggle Mode
1. Press button "A", relay will turn on;
2. Press button "A" again, this relay will turn off. Remote mode C: Latched Mode
1. Press button "A", relay will turn on;
2. Press button "B", this relay will turn TY-R1
Learning&Delete the transmitter
Learning the transmitter
TY-R1 use the undefined rolling code to protect our safe,it is better in anti
duplication and harder to be cloned than before. Press Learning Button and hold on,the led indicator turns on,then we press the new
remote which want to program on the receiver,the led indicator flash 4 times and
keep on,it means you learn it successfully.(Support 20PCS at most)
Delete the transmitter
Pressing 10 times the learning button on the receiver board,the LED indicator on the
control panel will flash for 10 times which means all of the transmitters for this TY-R1
have been deleted successfully.

遥控器改装,增加,全丢等 ,
TY-R1 主要针对各种无法复制和增加的遥控道闸控制器问题,可以方便进行全丢操作,简单,方便 。

TY-R1 配套遥控具有防复制自定义密码保护,难以被复制,更适用于老旧小区的接收




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