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Disclaimer on common TY smart card features

Disclaimer on common TY smart card features

If  there is replication technology, there is anti replication technology. In order to bind the owners to collect high property fees regularly, the swipe card system used by individual residential properties may be a "rolling code" anti replication system. This system is commonly used in the elevator swipe card system in the three northeast provinces. Copying the property card will make the main card invalid or join the blacklist. In this case, you can only find the property card issuing office to activate the original card, And discard the copy immediately.

Due to the particularity of technology, if the original card is invalid and the property is not activated, we will not bear joint liability. Please contact the property for negotiation.

By purchasing the equipment, we know and agree to the above terms

Conventional way to avoid: after successful copy, first brush the original card, and then brush the copy card


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